Summer Safety Tips: Swimming Pool Safety

When it comes to beating the summer heat, taking a swim has been a favorite pastime for thousands of years. Whether it’s in your backyard or a local community pool, taking a swim is both great exercise and an excellent way to stay cool. However, swimming pools also carry a certain amount of risk. Being near water can result in drowning accidents, particularly with young children who may not be strong swimmers or recognize the danger swimming pools can carry. So before heading to your local pool for a dip this summer, be aware of these safety tips and make sure to enforce them at all times.

Do Not Run

Every kid has memories of a lifeguard yelling at them to stop running around the pool. This may seem restrictive but there’s a good reason for this: pool decks are usually wet, and when they’re wet they become slippery. Slippery surfaces can lead to slip and fall injuries, or perhaps even cause someone to slip and fall in the water. This can have devastating consequences, particularly if it’s a young child who falls into the deeper water.

Never Leave Children Unattended

If you have a pool in your yard, you might be tempted to run inside for just a brief moment. Nothing can happen in that time, right? Wrong. An accident that puts someone at risk for a drowning injury can happen in an instant, and leaving children unattended for even a minute or two can result in a potentially devastating tragedy. Never leave children unattended unless someone else who is a strong swimmer can watch them.

Swimming Lessons Are Important

Swim lessons can be a lifesaver—literally. Enrolling young children in swim lessons from certified instructors can teach them the basics of water safety, how to react when they are placed into deeper water, how to keep their head above the water level, and more. This can also help children become more comfortable with the water and prevent them from becoming an accident victim should they ever accidentally be thrown in.

Install a Barrier

If you have a pool in your home, it’s your responsibility to secure it to the best of your ability so that a young child who doesn’t recognize the risk can’t sneak in and potentially injure themselves. This is known as the “attractive nuisance” doctrine and is a key part of our premises liability laws. Therefore, you should make sure that you install a suitably tall gate around the perimeter of your swimming pool and make sure the access gate is closed, locked, and latched in a way that a young child can’t open.

Have Proper Safety Equipment

You should always have a life preserver and an extension hook easily accessible in your pool area, and only use them for their intended function. These are not intended to be used as pool toys and should be left in an easily accessible place while anyone is swimming. That way in the event of an emergency, they can be grabbed and used at a moment’s notice. Make sure any young children know and follow this rule at any pool they visit.

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