Spring Safety Tips for Motorcycles

motorcycle accidentNow that the harsh winter weather has receded, making way for spring, it may seem like the perfect time for enjoying a ride on your motorcycle. Warmer weather often coincides with an uptrend in motorcycle accidents, however, so it is important not to neglect safety even during this more inviting time of year, especially if you are an amateur rider.

Springtime weather can be unpredictable, with sparse showers. Even if the sun is out, be aware that the road might still be wet. Roads tend to be very slippery after a brief rain because dirt and oil rise to the surface. Standing water can also be quite dangerous, causing you to hydroplane and lose control, so stay alert and keep your eyes peeled for puddles and potholes.

If you do hit a pothole, slow down as much as you can, but do not slam on your brakes or swerve to avoid it. Suddenly braking can cause damage to your front-end suspension and swerving can result in a loss of control.

Regardless of the season, it is always important to make your motorcycle as visible as possible to other drivers. Remember, motorcycles are smaller than cars and often get lost in blind spots. Leave your headlights on at all times, wear brightly colored clothing, and always use turn signals. Most importantly, always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is not only required by California law, but it can also increase your chances of survival if you are involved in a crash.

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